Gaynor Wellness focuses on developing effective treatments and potent preventative measures. Patients are recognized as individuals rather than simply a set of symptoms or disease. Meticulous diagnostic evaluation and development of individual treatment protocols to address the root causes of conditions are developed for each patient.

At Gaynor Wellness, patients will receive the best that medicine has to offer. Gaynor Wellness is centered around cultivating a healthy lifestyle after the initial conditions have been addressed. Rather than simply treating an acute set of symptoms, such short-term goals are not the focus at Gaynor Wellness. Rather, long-term, individualized plans are created to help patients achieve and maintain clarity and focus, ideal body weight, to continue to look and feel their best and operate at peak performance.

Patients also experience some things at Gaynor Wellness that they’ve never been treated with at any traditional medicine practice: part of their treatment includes complementary medicine such as stress reduction, yoga, meditation, targeted nutritional supplements, and intravenous nutrients.

Ultimately, the goal is to heal and empower patients and allow them to regain control of their body’s natural ability to heal itself – a process that has often become dulled by decades of poor eating habits, lifestyle choices, and environmental toxicity. We stay with our patients every step of the way. Again at Gaynor Wellness, the goal is to get people on the right track and give them the nutritional tools and protocols to stay there.

The Gaynor Wellness Team

Mitchell Gaynor, MD is the practitioner at Gaynor Wellness. He is board certified in internal medicine, hematology, and medical oncology, and he has over 30 years of experience helping patients prevent disease and treating their conditions. The approaches used are based on science-based principles. A combination of the best practices that traditional medicine, CAM, and integrative medicine have to offer are used to prevent and treat health conditions.  The Gaynor Wellness staff includes a team of licensed health professionals who have been working with Dr. Gaynor for many years to execute his functional medicine treatment regimens for patients.


Gaynor Wellness patients are treated with effective treatment protocols designed specifically to help the body’s systems become more efficient and harmonious. Gaynor Wellness has an all encompassing approach for health that include correcting endocrine abnormalities, underlying inflammatory states, the presence of environmental toxins such as heavy metals as well as suboptimal nutrition—all factors that contribute to disease.

Dr. Gaynor employs extensive dietary counseling, nutritional supplements targeted for detoxification, stronger immunity, optimal energy levels, antiaging, skin health, digestion, and cancer risk reduction. This 360° approach to medicine never fails to keep the patient at the center of the solution, at all times. Each patient we see is treated in a caring, peaceful, comprehensive environment. Patients quickly get a sense when they walk into our office that health and wellness is not only attainable, it’s sustainable! Patients are taught how to incorporate an individualized protocol of diet, targeted nutritional supplements, intravenous nutritional modalities, and stress reduction techniques in order to treat underlying conditions, optimize health and minimize the degenerative aging process.

What to Expect?

During the initial visit at Gaynor Wellness, patients can expect to undergo a physical exam, a comprehensive  medical history, and have lab and diagnostic tests performed, which will help to identify the underlying cause of the disease and the best treatment approach.  Patients receive their nutritional and supplement plan. During follow-up appointments, the lab test results will be discussed. Patients are provided with targeted treatment plans to eliminate the hidden causes of their symptoms. The following includes some of the services provided and conditions treated at Gaynor Wellness:

Services Offered at Gaynor Wellness


Aging is often accelerated by environmental toxicity, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, in adequate sleep and chronic stress. These factors are extensively evaluated and treated using protocols incorporating stress reduction, diet, and targeted nutritional supplements and intravenous nutrition.


Toxins are everywhere—from the food we eat to the water we drink to the air we breathe. While some patients may be exposed to a toxin because of an occupational exposure, mostly everyone is experiencing a buildup of toxins in their body over time just by being alive. It’s an inescapable truth that many man-made products contain toxins, some of which have been linked to diseases like cancer. It’s virtually impossible to be toxin free in today’s world: we’ve all seen the news headlines of oil spills to increasing air pollution. Toxins accumulate in everyone over time, which is why at Gaynor Wellness each patient is evaluated for toxins, chemicals, and heavy metal exposures. A buildup of toxins is commonly associated with conditions such as fatigue, obesity, poor concentration, allergies, muscle aches, digestive problems, and more. Although the liver, kidney, and skin help to remove waste from the body, the toxic burden over time can exhaust these efficient waste removal systems. To help clear out toxins and heavy metals, for example, a detox nutritional program is implemented, or glutathione (a powerful antioxidant) is administered intravenously for heavy metal toxicity. The detoxification programs employed help to flush out harmful toxins that are accumulated in the body over time. The detox program tailored for each patient leaves them feeling better and more energized.

Hormone Balance

Hormones are chemical substances that are produced in an organ then travels through the bloodstream to stimulate activity in another cell or tissue (e.g., insulin is released from the pancreas and directs other tissues to take up glucose). Balancing hormones is not something people hear of often; yet, it is an important part of functional medicine. Imbalances in these chemical substances can affect mood, weight, and concentration.

Intravenous Therapy

The energy we acquire from food is wholly based on the quality of the food we consume. Certainly, patients may feel as though they have done everything they needed to, but they still feel stressed, tired, and depressed. One of the tests performed on patients here is a vitamin and minerals assessment. People may think that if they are taking a multivitamin, they can’t be vitamin deficient—wrong! In fact, based on the quality of supplements patients are taking, they may be getting a watered-down version, which means the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals is insufficient. Another problem could be an underlying digestive issue is blocking the absorption of nutrients they need from food and supplements. Intravenous therapy is a quick, safe approach to specific vitamin and nutrient deficiencies patients may have by delivering these nutrients straight to the bloodstream.

Laboratory Tests & Diagnostic Techniques

Part of each patient’s experience at Gaynor Wellness includes an exhaustive patient history. Based on that discussion a series of diagnostic and laboratory exams will be executed to help narrow down the underlying cause of the patient’s symptoms: ECG, blood tests, and functional lab tests.

Nutrition & Diet

Many chronic conditions can be tied back to poor diet. Known nutritional deficiencies can lead to disease (e.g., iron deficiency anemia); the Western diet has been linked to health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, and even cancer. Each patient’s dietary routine is assessed, and a nutritional program is developed based on the patient’s needs and lifestyle to improve immune function, ameliorate health problems, and boost energy.

Stress Management Techniques

In functional medicine, the body is viewed as a complete entity—body, mind, and spirit. At Gaynor Wellness, patients receive a tailored plan to help them manage life’s inevitable burdens that can take a toll on their psychological, social, and emotional well being, which can also manifest in physical health problems. To improve mood and stress, we use music therapy, mindfulness meditation, and yoga.

Conditions Treated at Gaynor Wellness

  • Antiaging evaluation and individualized protocols
  • Food allergies
  • Family history of cancer and cancer risk reduction
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Cognitive decline
  • Environmental sensitivities and toxic burden
  • Skin care
  • Stress related insomnia and anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Insulin resistance
  • Digestive system disorders