A growing number of physicians are involved in a tectonic shift that is redefining medical diagnosis in the 21st century—integrative medicine. The practice of integrative medicine is an emerging discipline that pinpoints the whys of disease; it digs deep to ascertain the precise causes of disease and designs an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Most people would be hard-pressed to believe that physicians have the ability to treat them as an integrated, harmonious being who functions in harmony, rather than just their disease. Treating symptoms is what conventional medical practitioners focus on and yet treating a disease is necessary, but not the same as treating the whole person.

The World of Traditional Medicine

While people go to a doctor’s office for a routine checkup, this evaluation leaves much to be desired. Routine checkups rarely look for underlying immune system functions, inflammatory states, or environmental toxicity. Furthermore, they rarely give patients the tools necessary to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and the degenerative diseases of aging.

Many patients only see a doctor after experiencing concerning symptoms. It is not enough to just measure a patient’s blood pressure and weight and check a few routine lab tests. Many patients have felt that a doctor’s visit is rushed and likely results in receiving a prescription or two.

Integrative Medicine is About Connecting the Dots

In integrative medicine, the clinical goal is to go beyond alleviating the symptoms and to address why this problem is happening in the first place. At Gaynor Wellness, we feel that a one-size-fits-all model goes against what is ultimately best for the patient—targeting the mechanisms, not only the symptoms of disease.

To connect the dots of disease, Gaynor Wellness begins by engaging in two-way, patient-doctor communication. By taking a thorough patient history, Dr. Gaynor begins the foundation that will support and direct diagnostic testing. The tools used at Gaynor Wellness are driven by the disciplines of science such as biochemistry, toxicology, genetics, nutrition, and physiology just to name a few. Our specialized diagnostic tests serves as the roadmap, which will define underlying impairments in any of the body’s systems. Based on these results, a treatment plan will be specifically developed for the patient.

Gaynor Wellness is the best of what science and medicine have to offer. Our advanced and comprehensive approach toward treating patients is becoming widely recognized as the next generation of medical practice.